The Tarim's Oil and Gas Production Capacity Has been Steadily Improved

The Tarim's Oil and Gas Production Capacity Has been Steadily Improved


The Tarim's Oil and Gas Production Capacity Has been Steadily Improved

On July 31, more than 100 drilling RIGS in Tarim oilfield were drilling deep, with more than 10,000 oil men fighting the desert Gobi in spite of the heat, promoting the steady increase of oil and gas production capacity. So far, Tarim Oilfield has produced more than 20.35 million tons of oil and gas this year, exceeding the planned operation.

Since the beginning of this year, tarim oilfield oil and gas production capacity promotion action as an important fulcrum of oil and gas development work, as a whole the old well production, production, production and ground new well production management, start the labor competition, go all out to increase reserves, building capacity, production, keep the oil and gas production produce good momentum, oil and gas production capacity over 22500 tons, 96 million cubic meters respectively.

Tarim oilfield to seize the current oil "golden season", speed up the new well, measures and key project implementation rhythm, fine organization new well drilling, test, for each link production, release 6 class 42 drilling acceleration measures, accurate drilling tool design and selection, distinguish with curing drilling engineering technology and speed template, drilling efficiency and indicators continuously good, power new well early drilling, early completion, early production, early contribution. We will pay close attention to the construction progress of ground projects, strengthen the process control of key nodes, accelerate the organization and implementation, and ensure the seamless connection of the early stage, construction and production of the project. Innovate and promote the new material procurement and supply mode of "factory to site", reduce the intermediate storage and loading and unloading links, realize the acceleration of material circulation, and consolidate the "hard support" of increasing storage and production.

Recently, the bozi-Dabei natural gas pipeline project with the largest gas transmission capacity was successfully put into operation, increasing the annual maximum gas transmission capacity of the gas area from 5 billion cubic meters to 12 billion cubic meters, and building a major interconnection artery in the south of the Tianshan Mountains. The average well depth of Fuman oilfield has increased to 7,966 meters, while the drilling and completion cycle has been shortened to less than 180 days, and the 8,000 m ultra-deep well can be drilled within 100 days at the fastest, greatly accelerating the release of oil and gas production capacity.

In promoting new production at the same time, the tarim oilfield continues to promote old oil and gas field production "ballast stone" project, increase long stop, remote Wells and production potential, comprehensive analysis combed the 643 single well "past", clear money, find the crux, in potential, engineering, technical feasible, on the basis of economic benefit standard, single well measures to tap, steadily improve the opening rate at the same time, further release the old production potential. Up to now, through measures such as "deep dredging and plugging" and "fine controlled pressure oil production", Tarim Oilfield has made more than 30 long Wells and remote Wells "healthy back to work", increasing oil and gas production by 56,000 tons. Among them, the moisture content of the medieval 45-H2 well, which has been closed for nearly 5 years, dropped to 50.3%, and the production capacity was restored to "work" again, and the daily oil and gas production stabilized at more than 100 tons for a consecutive month.

For last winter and winter for period, part of the gas field water situation, the decline, tarim oilfield deepening the understanding of the law, to the atmospheric field production structure optimization adjustment, water conservancy ideas from local governance to the overall management, experience management to fine governance, using "control, prevention, row, plugging" many technical countermeasures to increase the intensity of water conservancy drainage, promote field return to reasonable production order as soon as possible, form a benign.