CNPC Logging to Ensure the Construction Safety in North China

CNPC Logging to Ensure the Construction Safety in North China


CNPC Logging to Ensure the Construction Safety in North China

On July 31, affected by typhoon Du Suri, heavy rainfall occurred in most parts of the North China Plain. CNPC logging immediately launched an emergency response for flood control and flood control, and 15 working teams in north China responded actively to ensure construction safety.

CNPC logging was arranged and deployed as early as possible. According to the characteristics of the typhoon, detailed measures for anti-typhoon production and flood control were formulated in advance. The operation teams in the involved areas carried out on-site safety inspection in advance, and at the same time, remote online supervision and inspection were carried out by video monitoring means, so as to take "double insurance" measures for the production safety.

After the typhoon landing, oil logging continue to focus on the typhoon path, and local government meteorological departments, public security fire control, emergency team work, establish system security system, in advance the flood control sandbags, emergency power supply, emergency water, medicine box and other emergency supplies all distributed to team, and through the remote production command system, supervise the basic unit team to implement the flood control measures, compaction apanage responsibility, improve emergency response ability. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the logging industry, the driving route of the construction vehicles is planned in advance to jointly avoid the risk of flood disaster.

In the heavy rainfall, in order to ensure that production and living is not affected, in Cangzhou, Baoding, Langfang waterlogging area, organization more than 100 people, emergency rising area for artificial, mechanical operation, 20 volunteers into the community, in Ren Qiu waterlogging serious community, emergency supplies to the hands of the masses, to ensure the normal people life, to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.