Daqing Oilfield Emoves Hidden Dangers From Practical Detail

Daqing Oilfield Emoves Hidden Dangers From Practical Detail


Daqing Oilfield Emoves Hidden Dangers From Practical Detail

On August 1, Daqing Oilfield rearranged the work of flood control and production safety, made the most adequate preparations and the most meticulous precautions, effectively prevented and controlled the risks of typhoon, rainstorm and flood disasters, and put the safety of people's lives and property first.

Since July, Daqing area has seen frequent heavy rainfall weather. Daqing oilfield "always with the sense of responsibility", compaction responsibility, layer by layer to ensure the smooth flood control of the oil field.

Daqing Oilfield has deepened the special investigation and rectification action of major accident hidden dangers, especially the investigation of housing hidden dangers, and made a good test and evaluation to ensure that problems are found in time and measures are implemented in place.

The Tailai oil production area of the No.9th oil production Plant of Daqing Oilfield pays close attention to the development of the rain and flood conditions, formulates a number of measures, further revises and improves the flood control work plan, inspects the key areas such as the road sections and culverts prone to collapse, and timely maintains, strengthens or repairs the risk points. Compact the main responsibility, carefully investigate the various risks and hidden dangers caused by flood season rainfall in the well site, station and around the station, carry out the three-level audit of posts, teams and operation areas, and grasp the implementation layer by layer to ensure the elimination of hidden dangers in time.

With days of heavy rainfall, the water level of the Songhua River, where the 10 oil production plant of Daqing Oilfield is located, continues to rise. In the face of the flood situation, the factory cadres and staff early arrangement, early deployment, early action, early implementation, scientific and efficient to carry out the flood season heavy rainfall weather prevention and resolution work, timely dredge and repair 17 culverts, 19 low cofferdam, eliminate 18 environmental hidden dangers, and make every effort to ensure crude oil production. In the face of the severe flood control situation, the factory at all levels of the front command, party members and cadres charge in the front, do not danger, people endlessly, water does not drop, people do not retreat.

The Longnan Transportation and maintenance Department of CPC Electric Power Supply Company took precautions before the flood, and opened the flood control "protection network" in advance. According to the characteristics of the flood season, the organization has carried out equipment hidden trouble investigation, flood control emergency drill and flood control knowledge training, to strengthen the safety supervision of special operations in bad weather.

Located in the area of the Songhua River, the Department has formulated a detailed flood season checklist and the Inspection and Operation Requirements during the Rising Line in Jiangwan Area to ensure the safe operation of the power grid to the greatest extent. At present, the operation and maintenance department has completed the hidden trouble investigation of 16 substations, and strengthen the flood season duty, the prevention and control of low-lying switch places of the accused stations. The distribution operation and maintenance team has replaced 7 transformers and strengthened 33 electric poles to ensure the safety of the oil field power grid during flood control.

Since the start of the flood season, heavy rainfall has successively occurred in Sichuan and Chongqing areas. Relevant units in Sichuan and Chongqing areas of Daqing Oilfield have strengthened geological disaster risk identification, strictly on duty duty and itinerant inspection, and strive to improve emergency rescue capacity and strictly prevent safety risks caused by sulfur gas leakage.