Tarim Oilfield Completes the Investigation and Research "the Second Half of the Article"

Tarim Oilfield Completes the Investigation and Research "the Second Half of the Article"


Tarim Oilfield Completes the Investigation and Research "the Second Half of the Article"

The implementation of the reform won the support of researchers; customized 160 small cabinets to solve the luggage storage problem for shift workers... As of August 14,61 problems involving development and the livelihood have been solved, showing the responsibility of development and development.

Subject education, tarim oilfield party adhere to learning, contrast, inspection, rectification, more measures for research "the second half of the article", the research results into "high quality development list"  "the practical listing" listing "list of the people's livelihood", continue to pay special attention to ZhaBai problem rectification regulation, to find the problem of the quality and rectification problems to test the effectiveness of the research work, do research and achievements into double promote double promotion.

We will make concrete rectification and promote the rectification and implementation of problems. The Party Working Committee of Tarim Oilfield has established a closed management mechanism for the list of problems, collected and sorted out the "urgent and anxious" problems of employees every week, and included them in the key supervision and supervision matters, defined the rectification objectives, responsible persons and time nodes one by one, and formulated specific and feasible measures for rectification. At the same time, it regularly reported the progress of the work, formed the PDCA working mode of "finding and analyzing problems, formulating measures, implementing rectification, and tracking the effectiveness", and accelerated the high-quality rectification of 71 problems in 7 categories.

Adhere to the "four and one", and do a good job in the transformation of research results. Tarim oilfield party working in the subject education, form "focus on a central task, find a prominent problem, a set of solutions, make a need practical work" of the "four" characteristic working method, leading cadres at all levels under the robot body, grasp the truth, focusing on 27 research topic 78 research content, "consultation" steady production outstanding problems, strive to build a benign development order, practical to crack problems open the work situation, test subject education results. In the first seven months of this year, Tarim oilfield increased oil and gas by 100,000 tons and 330 million cubic meters respectively, helping oil and gas production jumped to a new height of 20.39 million tons in the same period.

Practice the purpose of serving the people, rely on employees to run enterprises. Normalized to carry out the "I offer a policy for oil field" practice, a tarim oilfield, a and the parties around the influence and restrict the development of outstanding problems positive make recommendations, open instant access, office platform and other information submitted channels, take "with + inspector supervisor + + quantitative evaluation and reward" method, maximum mobilize full "make recommendations, open source throttling, innovation and effect" enthusiasm. Since the launch of the theme education, cadres and staff have offered 47 suggestions, 44 of which have been adopted, and 23 "good policies" have been rewarded, truly turning the "good ideas" that go deep into the grass-roots line into practical and tangible things visible to the staff and the masses.