Tarim Oilfield "Chasing Light Day by Day" Can Complement Each Other

Tarim Oilfield "Chasing Light Day by Day" Can Complement Each Other


Tarim Oilfield "Chasing Light Day by Day" Can Complement Each Other

As of September 8, the new energy photovoltaic power generation project of Tarim Oilfield has produced 105.8 million KWH of "green electricity" this year, equivalent to 22,200 tons of standard oil and 70,500 tons of carbon reduction, which can be used by more than 40,000 households for a year.

This year, Tarim Oilfield will focus on increasing oil and gas storage and production, and on the rapid development of new energy, accelerate the construction of "Shage famine" new energy base, make full use of the advantages of natural conditions in southern Xinjiang such as good solar energy resource endowment and abundant land of "Shage famine", accelerate the construction of photovoltaic and other new energy projects, and comprehensively increase the total energy supply. Build a new pattern of green, low-carbon, clean and efficient, multi-energy complementary supply.

In March this year, the first external clean energy supply new energy station of Tarim oilfield - 100,000 kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation project in Weili County was successfully connected to the grid. In May, the largest centralized photovoltaic power station in the hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert, the 100,000 kilowatt photovoltaic power generation project in Qiemang County, was officially connected to the grid. At present, two photovoltaic power generation projects have entered the state of full capacity after the quota commissioning, and solar energy is continuously converted into electricity to thousands of households, lighting the "green engine" for the transformation and upgrading of local energy structure, industrial structure and economic structure.

Li Jinfeng, deputy director of the production and operation department of the new energy Division of Tarim Oilfield, said: "In order to let green electricity have a 'road' to go, we strengthen the project grid-connected management and operation to ensure the stable operation of photovoltaic power stations." In August this year, Tarim Oilfield obtained the first "sunshine" electricity bill, marking the official entry of photovoltaic power generation projects into the income stage.

While ensuring clean energy supply to the outside world, Tarim Oilfield has strengthened the green and clean substitution of internal new energy. Of the 100 million KWH of electric energy produced, nearly two will be used by oil fields, replacing energy supply methods such as grid electricity in the past, reducing the load of the grid, and achieving self-production and self-use of photovoltaic power generation. At present, it has built two oil and gas station, 126 oil and gas Wells, 98 water Wells distributed photovoltaic power station, installed capacity of 24 megawatts, the cumulative production of "green electricity" about 18 million KWH.

Xinjiang is rich in wind, light and other new energy resources, and ranks first in the country in the amount of technical exploitation of solar energy resources. At present, Tarim Oilfield is speeding up the pace of "chasing light and day" and promoting the landing of 1.1 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation projects in Kashgar region. Among them, the project is located in Yecheng County 500,000 kW photovoltaic power station is expected to be connected to the grid on September 30 this year.