North China Oil Field Rio Tinto to Break New Ground in the External Market

North China Oil Field Rio Tinto to Break New Ground in the External Market


North China Oil Field Rio Tinto to Break New Ground in the External Market

North China Oilfield continues to accelerate the pace of "going out", broaden the channels for increasing revenue and creating efficiency, and make precise efforts in the "three directions" of platform leadership, market expansion, and risk prevention and control, so as to break out a new road in line with market development. As of October 10, the external market revenue of North China oilfield has increased by 38% year-on-year.

North China Oilfield has increased overall planning efforts, given full play to the role of "coordination, scheduling and supervision" of the market platform, adhered to the overall planning of the "two markets" inside and outside, and focused on forging the "soft power" of top-level design. The internal and external market management methods of oil fields are formulated, and the whole process management norms from project pre-research, project management to benefit evaluation are established to release the "multiplier effect" of positive incentives. Integrate high-quality market resources, build a "one-stop" service system for engineering construction, product support, technical service, production operation and maintenance, and form a joint force for market development of the whole industrial chain; Make good use of the strategy of competition and cooperation, increase support for industrial development, form a number of national and provincial specialized "little giant" enterprises such as electronic control automation and equipment manufacturing, and create new competitive advantages.

In the process of entering the market, North China Oilfield insisted on creating the "market" in the current situation, seeking the "opportunity" in the challenge, and making comprehensive efforts in the "three major markets". Consolidate the main position of China's oil market, the head of North China oilfield, rush to brother units, provide quality products and services, and expand cooperation space. Actively seize the commanding heights of the external market, deeply integrate into the Xiongan geothermal market, continue to consolidate high-quality projects such as the national pipeline network, vigorously expand Kunlun Gas Company's labor export, construction operation and maintenance business, and achieve strategic breakthroughs in key markets such as Beijing and Xiongan. Vigorously expand new space in overseas markets, Huabei Oilfield exclusively contracted the oil and gas exploration and development technical service business of Indonesia's overseas market block, and undertook the exploration and development technical service business of Chad as a whole, and the contract amount increased by five times. In addition, a number of "star products" such as star barracks in oil fields are exported to 51 countries and regions.

Huabei Oilfield strives to weave the "net" of market prevention and control, firmly establish the consciousness of benefit and safety, constantly improve the risk prevention and control system, establish the "two lists" of risk prevention and control and safety responsibility, and continuously implement the evaluation of safety status and performance ability. At the same time, to do a good job in project optimization and integration, centralized adjustment Changqing labor export 5 project departments more than 500 people, to achieve centralized management, lean management; Clearly do a good job of risk cutting, actively withdraw from projects with high risk and low efficiency, and promote the steady development of enterprises. North China Oilfield has also increased the implementation of the external market warm heart project, upgraded the warm heart "six packages", given greater support in talent incentives, scientific research and other aspects, and gradually achieved the external market quality, efficiency, and quality goals.