Liaohe Oil Field, Working Together to Solve the Development Problems

Liaohe Oil Field, Working Together to Solve the Development Problems


Liaohe Oil Field, Working Together to Solve the Development Problems

On the evening of October 15, the Party Committee of Shenyang Oil Production Plant of Liaohe Oilfield held the sixth theme education reading class, and the team members calmed down to take turns to learn and fully exchange and discuss the principle of enlightenment. This is a microcosm of Liaohe Oilfield Party members and cadres to carry out the second batch of thematic education. In the second batch of theme education, Liaohe oilfield adheres to the standard, the problem is not biased, the momentum is not reduced, the combination of learning and application improves the quality of development, and the upper and lower linkage cracks outstanding problems.

With every step forward in theoretical innovation, theoretical armament must be further advanced.  

On this basis, the leading team of the Party committee of the second-level units combined with the specific performance of the "two prominent contradictions" in Liaohe oilfield proposed by the mid-year cadre meeting of the Group company, carried out a big discussion, focused on the weak board and weak items for investigation and research, formulated ways to improve and promote the quality of development. In view of the contradictions of high energy consumption and high carbon emissions in single-well heavy oil thermal production, the members of the Party committee of Jinzhou Oil Production Plant formulated the transformation path of "low carbon zero carbon oil production plant" through in-depth investigation and research, and accelerated the construction of photovoltaic, geothermal and other new energy projects. The Party committee of the gas storage company focuses on the goal of creating a "domestic first-class gas storage", takes the initiative to compare with advanced gas storage at home and abroad, continues to solve the problems of building a warehouse, improves the ability to ensure supply, and reaches the largest daily gas injection capacity in the country.

The majority of Party members and cadres in Liaohe Oilfield take the satisfaction of the masses as the fundamental standard for judging the effectiveness of theme education, and centrally solve a number of "troubles" and achieve a number of "warm worries". In view of the long distance between the commuter bus and the first-line bus and the problem that employees have nowhere to hide in bad weather, the old dormitory building is transformed into a waiting service center, which integrates the functions of waiting hall, reading room, gym and so on, greatly facilitating the staff waiting for the bus. Shenyang oil production plant carried out the control of excessive noise, shut down and replaced 29 noise equipment, and distributed 400 anti-noise products, so as to achieve all the noise standards in front-line workplaces, and employees were in a good mood and more efficient.

In order to effectively link up with the first batch of thematic education, the leaders above the deputy chief of Liaohe Oilfield contacted 1 to 2 key second-level units respectively, and participated in major activities such as party lessons, research results exchange meetings, and thematic democratic lives in contact units with questions, experience, and thinking; The Party and mass departments of the company are divided into 6 groups, each group is responsible for the overall operation and organizational promotion of 8 to 9 units, and promote the theme education through the upper and lower, go deep and go solid.

At the same time, for the problems found in the first batch of thematic education, Liaohe oilfield organs grass-roots linkage and systematic solution. For example, in the first batch of thematic education, some grassroots scientific researchers put forward to the company leaders the problem that "there are information islands in scientific research materials, affecting work efficiency". In this regard, the Party Committee of Liaohe Oilfield Exploration and Development Research Institute took the initiative to take the lead in the second batch of theme education, and "answered the same question" with the company's data and information Department and information engineering company. At present, the RDMS collaborative research platform has been initially built to realize the information integration of six major databases, and the speed of reference and analysis has been increased several times, effectively reducing the burden of scientific researchers.