Photovoltaic Power Generation in Tuha Oilfield Exceeded 100 Million KWH

Photovoltaic Power Generation in Tuha Oilfield Exceeded 100 Million KWH


Photovoltaic Power Generation in Tuha Oilfield Exceeded 100 Million KWH

This year, Tuha Oilfield actively build a green low-carbon energy ecosystem, as of October 31, 110 kV East Lake photovoltaic power station cumulative power generation exceeded 100 million KWH.

On December 31, 2022, the 110 kV Donghu Photovoltaic power Station was put into operation, which is one of the first 10 "source-grid charge and storage" integration demonstration projects in Xinjiang, the only new energy project combined with oil and gas production, and the first completed "source-grid charge and storage" integration project of petrochina.

Tuha Oilfield focuses on strengthening the status monitoring of key equipment and facilities of photovoltaic power stations, and conducts periodic inspection and temperature measurement of 39 boxes in the photovoltaic area, involving more than 1800 points. 120 MW photovoltaic power plant equipment hidden dangers to achieve advance prevention, dynamic investigation, independent elimination. The oilfield water supply and power supply company efficiently utilizes the advantages of energy storage and the difference of peak-valley electricity price to effectively realize the "peak-cutting and valley filling" of power marketing, and the grid-connected load of the power station is combined with the actual production of the oilfield to dynamically adjust various parameters.

Tuha Oilfield timely adjusts the power supply operation mode of the 35 kV system in the oilfield, and increases the power generation load of the photovoltaic power station by about 3000 kW, which greatly guarantees the self-absorption channel of the photovoltaic power station. At present, green electricity in Tuha oilfield is supplied to gas storage, 23 electric heating furnaces, 1200 cubic meters/hour hydrogen production project, electric drive drilling rig, and the maximum operating load in the oilfield has reached 16,000 kilowatts per hour.

In the fourth quarter, Tuha Oil field water supply and power supply company will earnestly grasp the photovoltaic power generation operation work, and strive to complete the photovoltaic power generation of 120 million KWH within the year.