Jilin Oil Field in the Snowstorm to Ensure Oil Stability and Gas Smooth Jilin Oil Field in the Snowstorm

Jilin Oil Field in the Snowstorm to Ensure Oil Stability and Gas Smooth Jilin Oil Field in the Snowstorm


Jilin Oil Field in the Snowstorm to Ensure Oil Stability and Gas Smooth Jilin Oil Field in the Snowstorm

On the night of November 5, Jilin Province ushered in the first significant strong snowfall weather across the province, and the blizzard continued on November 6, bringing severe tests to the stability of oil and gas production. Jilin Oilfield Company acted quickly, responded scientifically, and took multiple measures to ensure the overall stability of oil field production and operation, and won the end-of-year war.

Grab early, make emergency preparations. In order to cope with the current round of extreme weather, Jilin Oilfield contacted the provincial and municipal weather stations in a timely manner, launched the emergency warning mechanism at the first time after receiving the weather forecast, focused on key areas, highlighted key parts, and gave precise policies to ensure safe production. Each production unit should take proper management responsibility and properly arrange deployment in terms of production operation guarantee, field production facility operation, and construction site risk prevention. At the same time, strengthen the duty of leading cadres, and strictly implement the 24-hour duty and information reporting system. Cadres at all levels of the company maintain smooth communication to ensure that emergencies are handled quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Strictly control risks and carefully prevent risks. Jilin Oilfield actively does a good job in pre-production safety analysis and safety technology disclosure, operation approval personnel on-site verification of the implementation of various safety measures, and do a good job in the whole process of on-site control. We will strengthen risk management and control in extreme weather to prevent accidental slips and falls, strikes from falling objects from high places, and accidental ice falls. Increase the inspection of key posts, continue to carry forward the fine tradition of post responsibility system, press the responsibility of "people", manage the state of "things", and minimize the impact of snowstorm weather on oil field production and operation.

With snow as the rule, oil and gas production is in order. Jilin Oilfield actively optimized and improved the production and operation plan of extreme snow storm weather, and re-checked, re-improved and re-implemented the oil and gas production facilities and pipeline processes. The production unit comprehensively raises the temperature of various systems such as export, oil mixing and water mixing to ensure the normal operation of oil and gas production in low temperature weather; In advance of the oil and gas equipment, pipelines, valves and other key parts of the comprehensive investigation, strict implementation of anti-freeze measures, while organizing emergency teams on duty. New Energy Co., Ltd. held a meeting on extreme weather safety production in advance, scientifically deployed countermeasures, actively organized personnel, strengthened communication and coordination with various oil production plants, and conducted a comprehensive inspection of 828 kilometers of power transmission lines and 4556 kilometers of power distribution lines under the authority of the whole company, so as to timely discover and deal with various hidden dangers and minimize the probability of accidents.