Stable Supply Lamadian Gas Storage in Daqing Oilfield Opens a New Round of Gas Production

Stable Supply Lamadian Gas Storage in Daqing Oilfield Opens a New Round of Gas Production


Stable Supply Lamadian Gas Storage in Daqing Oilfield Opens a New Round of Gas Production

On November 27, Lamadian Gas Storage in Daqing Oil Field started a new round of gas production, and the daily gas production reached 810,000 cubic meters, which effectively guaranteed the domestic gas consumption of residents in Heilongjiang province.

This underground gas storage has been in operation for 48 years, is the country's first underground gas storage, is also a natural "living" storage, underground like an upside down "caulpot", 48 years of cumulative gas production of 2.56 billion cubic meters. In 2021, due to the long operation time, Daqing Oilfield reformed it, updated four compressor units, improved the operation standard, and removed safety hazards. The reformed gas storage has the functions of digital integrated operation, unit automatic control system, digital operation and maintenance, automatic inspection and so on.

After Lamadian gas storage entered the injection and production adjustment and transformation period, in order to ensure the gas storage on schedule, the cadres and employees of the gas storage completed the overhaul and maintenance of various equipment 10 days in advance. At the same time, the operation mode of the electric tropical zone is innovatively optimized, and the whole electric tropical zone is upgraded to segmented heating, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of equipment freezing caused by the whole electric tropical zone being damaged and the heating is stopped. On the basis of good repair and maintenance, Lamadian Gas storage further strengthened emergency plan drills, completed 10 emergency drills such as gas leakage in the gas distribution room, and carried out post training for 5 times.

After entering the gas production stage and facing the peak gas consumption in winter, Lamadian Gas storage developed a dynamic monitoring program, established a full-coverage monitoring system, gave full play to the role of 24 oil-gas interface monitoring Wells, strengthened the analysis and application of test data, and grasped the production dynamics of gas Wells and the changes of oil-gas interface in time. Strengthen the monitoring and analysis of the development indicators of gas channeling risk well areas, prevent local gas channeling, maximize the role of peak regulation, and provide a more stable guarantee for natural gas supply in winter.

At present, Lamadian gas storage has a daily gas production capacity of 1 million cubic meters, equipment operation efficiency and emergency peak load capacity have been comprehensively improved, and full gas extraction and good gas extraction have been made to increase the guarantee of natural gas supply this winter and next spring.