Jilin Oilfields Fight Against Wind and Snow to Stabilize Production and Maintain Winter Supply

Jilin Oilfields Fight Against Wind and Snow to Stabilize Production and Maintain Winter Supply


Jilin Oilfields Fight Against Wind and Snow to Stabilize Production and Maintain Winter Supply

As of November 30, the daily gas production capacity of Shuangtuozi gas storage in Jilin oilfield reached 1.5 million cubic meters, and the total gas production this year was 24.97 million cubic meters, adding "base gas" to the continuous export of natural gas.

Jilin Oilfield is responsible for the supply of residential and industrial gas in Songyuan, Da 'an, Baicheng and Changchun. Jilin Oilfield firmly established the overall awareness, quickly established a leading group to ensure supply, layer by layer to implement the guarantee indicators, pay close attention to production operation, strengthen process control, and go all out to fight snow, stabilize production, and maintain winter supply. In November, the average daily gas production in Songnan Old area of Jilin Oilfield reached 2.2 million cubic meters, laying the foundation for the completion of the task of ensuring supply this winter and next spring.

Explore the potential to ensure production capacity. Combined with the actual production of natural gas, the oil field focuses on the reasonable distribution of high-yield gas Wells in Changling and Dehui, and strives to slow down the natural decline rate, extend the water-free production period, and ensure the normal production of natural gas in winter. Take various measures to increase gas production capacity of gas field. Do a good job in low pressure and low production Wells, liquid level testing and foam drainage, blowout and other work to ensure the production time rate of gas Wells. Implementation of deep pressure lifting, compressor assisted discharge, plugging and abnormal well treatment measures 13 times. To carry out shaft treatment of abnormal Wells and bring into play the normal production capacity of gas Wells, three Wells have been implemented, and it is expected to increase gas by 10,000 cubic meters per day. Strengthen the control of "running and leaking" and do everything possible to reduce natural gas consumption. So far, the oil field's own gas consumption has been reduced by nearly 10% compared with the same period last year.

Strong management, safekeeping network operation. Strengthen the control over the operation of pipelines and devices to ensure the capacity of natural gas pipeline transportation. Upgrade the pipeline management of the terminal station, strictly implement the process operation parameters of the decarbonization and dehydration devices of each gas field, encrypt the inspection frequency of the terminal station and long-distance pipeline, focus on the inspection of the freeze-prone parts, and implement intermittent alcohol injection according to the temperature situation, so as to reduce the risk of freezing of long-distance pipeline and station in winter. Strictly monitor the quality of natural gas, strengthen the monitoring of water dew point and carbon dioxide content indicators, and ensure the quality of natural gas. Strengthen the management of standby equipment. At present, 3 sets of decarbonization and supporting equipment in Changling gas field remain in good condition to be operated; Each gas station organizes the trial operation of standby equipment from time to time, and strengthens the operation control of the auxiliary system of circulating water, instrument wind and other devices.

Seize emergency, ensure disposal in place. Pay close attention to the operation of Shuangtuozi gas storage, and organize key work such as injection and production process switching, gas production system inspection and maintenance, operation and commissioning in advance to ensure that emergency peak regulation and supply protection are in place in emergency situations. Timely communication with downstream users, grasp the change of gas consumption, implement dynamic adjustment of production and marketing, and ensure the smooth operation of key users' gas and the entire production and marketing system.