Oil and Gas Production of Tarim Southwest Company Increased by One Million Tons for Five Consecutive Years

Oil and Gas Production of Tarim Southwest Company Increased by One Million Tons for Five Consecutive Years


Oil and Gas Production of Tarim Southwest Company Increased by One Million Tons for Five Consecutive Years

As of December 10, the Tarim Oilfield Exploration and Development Company has produced 580,900 tons of crude oil and 9.316 billion cubic meters of natural gas this year, with oil and gas equivalent reaching 800,004 tons, a net increase of 1.08 million tons over the same period last year, and a growth rate of one million tons for five consecutive years.

This year, the company aims to build ten-million-ton oil and gas fields and strategic resource bases with high standards, effectively enhance its core competitiveness, enhance its core functions, and strive to promote the integrated development of oil and gas, new energy and new business, so as to contribute to the protection of national energy security and help build a beautiful Xinjiang.

Located in the southwest margin of Tarim Basin, the company's oil and gas exploration and development areas cover Hotan, Kashgar, Kezhou and Aksu in the south of Xinjiang, and the mineral rights area accounts for 63.1% of the total mineral rights area of the Tarim oilfield. Since 2018, the oil and gas production of Southwest Tarim Company has reached a new level a year, changed the prefix five times in five years, and doubled its output in five years, constantly creating the highest level in history, and built high-quality oil and gas fields with an annual output of 8 million tons.

"In July 1999, Tsouthwest Company was integrated into the Tarim Oilfield, and its production and operation entered a period of rapid development opportunities. At present, the accumulative proven oil and gas reservoirs within the scope of the company's mining rights have reached 29, and the oil and gas development has entered a golden period with the fastest development speed and the best benefits in history." Southwest company Party secretary, manager Wang Hongfeng introduced.

Strategic resources increase the bottom line. Southwest Company highlights the main path of capacity construction in Boz-Great North trillion cubic meters of ultra-deep atmosphere, grasping the scale efficiency of production, running the acceleration of early production of new Wells, stable production and efficiency of old Wells. This year, the company started production of 29 new Wells, helping oil and gas production to continue to refresh production targets. At present, the company produces 32 million cubic meters of natural gas and 2,800 tons of crude oil per day, accounting for more than a quarter of the daily oil and gas production in the Tarim oilfield.

Oil and gas production on the trot steady. Tsouthwest Company adheres to the improvement of oil and gas production capacity as an important starting point, and adheres to technological innovation to enable production. The Boz-Dabei gas field has taken a new path of efficient development, and the output of Hetianhe and Akemomu gas fields has maintained its upward direction. In the first 11 months of this year, the company completed a total of 29 measure Wells, with a cumulative increase of 19,800 tons of oil and 197 million cubic meters of gas, and the measure workload and gas increase were the highest in the same period in the past year, building a high-quality, high-efficiency and sustainable benign development order.

Production of key projects will be raised on schedule. In mid-October, the Bozi natural gas processing plant was completed and put into operation, marking that the annual natural gas processing capacity of the Boz-Dabai gas field, the largest ultra-deep condensate gas field in China, crossed the threshold of 10 billion cubic meters, further releasing the gas field capacity, and improving the capacity of increasing production and ensuring supply and coordinating peak regulation. At the same time, the project of comprehensive utilization of natural gas in southwest China and the project of purification and comprehensive utilization of natural gas in Hotan River have been completed, making important contributions to ensuring national energy security.

Take on the responsibility of ensuring supply, and consistently deliver "warm heart gas". In the face of the cold wave and low temperature, the company has strengthened the production and supply of Hetianhe, Akemomu, Kekeya, Boz-Dabei and other gas fields, increasing the daily output of natural gas by 3.68 million cubic meters compared with the winter supply, and going all out to improve the capacity of gas supply and peak adjustment for people's livelihood.

While focusing on the rapid development of oil and gas business, Tsouthwest Company pressed the "fast forward button" of new energy development, completed the commissioning of the first largest single photovoltaic power station in Tarim oilfield - Yecheng 500,000 kW photovoltaic project, and completed the commissioning of photoelectric complementary photovoltaic replacement projects at 22 points such as Madong Well 3. Up to now, the company has produced 5.6 million KWH of green electricity this year, reduced carbon by 4,127 tons, and saved 1,680 tons of standard coal.