New Energy Sources of Oil and Gas in Tuha Oilfield are Advancing Hand in Hand

New Energy Sources of Oil and Gas in Tuha Oilfield are Advancing Hand in Hand


New Energy Sources of Oil and Gas in Tuha Oilfield are Advancing Hand in Hand

In 2023, the annual crude oil production of Tuha oilfield increased by 2.2% over the previous year, and the oil and gas output equivalent maintained an increasing trend of more than 30,000 tons for two consecutive years. A number of important breakthroughs have been made in new energy and new businesses, and the grid-connected power generation of the first source-grid-charge-storage integrated photovoltaic projects in Xinjiang and the first in China's petroleum industry has reached 120 million KWH.

In 2023, Tuha Oilfield will coordinate the two layouts of oil and gas business and new energy and new business, accelerate the improvement of core competitiveness, enhance core functions, successfully cope with the challenges such as the onerous task of increasing storage and production, and the difficulty in obtaining new energy indicators, and write a new chapter of high-quality development of the oilfield with a high score.

The oil field adheres to efficient exploration, strengthens innovation and leads, strives to find strategic breakthroughs and economies of scale reserves, and has made major breakthroughs in many exploration fields such as Jibei intercalated shale oil, Jinan Depression lithologic reservoirs, and Taipei tight gas, and the total amount and quality of resources have been "double improved".

The development of the oilfield focused on the Sattan 1, Jixin 2, Ma 56 and other blocks, and comprehensively promoted the research on speed and efficiency, and completed the drilling of 13 appraisal Wells, 8 oil tests, and 5 industrial oil flow Wells. The oil field has built an efficient production construction demonstration zone in Santan, and has accelerated the centralized production construction of the platform around the two high-yield fault blocks Sa 102 and Sa 105, realizing large-scale storage and rapid production. High quality and fast pace implementation of high-yield Wells in Jixin 2 and Ma 56 blocks achieved full coverage of pre-CO2 fracturing and full well interval injection, and the production contribution rate reached 40%, which was better than the scheme design. Through centralized evaluation and rapid production construction, the crude oil production in Jundong New Area increased by 127,000 tons year-on-year, achieving efficient and rapid production.

We will vigorously promote green and low-carbon transformation. On September 26, 2023, the 1200 square/hour hydrogen production test project in Shanshan Industrial Park of Tuha Oilfield was successfully put into operation. This is the first green hydrogen production project with independent research and development and manufacturing equipment of petrochina, which opens up the whole process of green hydrogen production, pipeline hydrogen transport, hydrogen pressurization, and hydrogen for chemical industry. On October 28, the oil field sent hydrogen with a purity of 99.97 percent to the hydrogen enterprises through the pipeline, and the maximum daily gas supply reached 20,000 cubic meters. This year, Shanshan County government rooftop photovoltaic project was completed as scheduled, CCUS-EOR project in the Niuquanhu sandstone reservoir test results are outstanding.