​In 2024, the "Three Barrels of Oil" Work Focus is Released!

​In 2024, the "Three Barrels of Oil" Work Focus is Released!


In 2024, the "Three Barrels of Oil" Work Focus is Released!

Recently, the domestic "three barrels of oil" respectively held the 2024 work conference. At the meeting, the "Three Barrels of Oil" made clear their key tasks for 2024 at the meeting.

01, China Petroleum

Dai Houliang, chairman of petrochina, stressed that in 2024, it will focus on five aspects to be a good benchmark flag.

First, accelerate the improvement of energy efficient supply capacity, and be a good benchmark in ensuring national energy security.

The oil and gas and new energy sub-group should continue to increase exploration and development, increase storage and production, produce and supply energy resources with high quality, and consolidate the pillar position of profitability.

The refining and chemical sales and new materials sub-group should adhere to the green and intelligent direction, promote the adjustment of business structure, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and move towards the middle and high-end of the industrial chain.

Support and service sub-groups should adhere to the technical establishment of enterprises and accelerate the transformation to the high-end of the industrial chain and the strategic support of self-reliance.

Capital and financial sub-groups should continue to promote the integration of industry and finance, integration and coordination, and promote production with finance.

Second, accelerate the layout of strategic emerging industries and future industries, and be a good benchmark in the development of new quality productivity.

We need to accelerate industrial upgrading, improve our strategic layout, strengthen scientific and technological support for strategic emerging industries, constantly improve the development of future industrial innovation chains, work together to build an industrial ecosystem, strengthen policy and institutional incentives, and increase new drivers of development.

The third is to accelerate the improvement of independent innovation capabilities, and to be a good benchmark flag in high-level science and technology self-reliance.

We will work hard to build up the country's strategic scientific and technological strength, strengthen basic research and applied basic research, and work harder to tackle key and core technologies and put their achievements into application.

The fourth is to accelerate the improvement of modern enterprise governance capabilities, and be a good benchmark in deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises and strengthening management.

It is necessary to focus on institutional reform and mechanism improvement, strengthen law and compliance management and strict governance of enterprises, create a "value-added version" to improve quality and efficiency, and strengthen the construction of digital intelligence to empower management.

Fifth, accelerate the improvement of risk prevention and resolution capabilities, and better coordinate high-quality development and high-level security as a benchmark flag.

We must adhere to the bottom line of safety and environmental protection, deepen the construction of healthy and safe enterprises, and strive to prevent and defuse business risks.

Hou Qijun pointed out in the production and operation report that the focus of production and operation in 2024 is as follows:

(A) Focus on strict and realistic, high level QHSE work

(2) Focus on increasing storage and improving production efficiency, and promote the new development of oil and gas new energy business

(3) Highlight high-end, intelligent and green, and further promote the transformation and upgrading of refining and chemical industry

(4) Highlight the improvement of service quality and enhance the market competitiveness of support service business

(5) Highlight the positioning of industrial finance, and improve the ability of capital finance business to serve the main responsibility and main business

(6) To highlight the improvement of marketing quality and accelerate the transformation of the company from "production-oriented" to "management-oriented"

(7) Highlight the improvement of innovation ability, and give full play to the leading role of scientific and technological information support

8. Stimulate dynamism, deepen reform and strengthen management

(9) Highlight the overall value of the improvement, and strengthen the promotion of quality and efficiency improvement and loss of enterprise governance

02, China Petrochemical

Ma Yongsheng, chairman of Sinopec, stressed that we must firmly fulfill the strategic mission given to us by the Party Central Committee, stabilize the basic plate, open up a new track, accumulate momentum in the transformation and upgrading, prevent and resolve risks in high-quality development, answer the "four can" times exam, and build a world-class, leading the world.

Vigorously increase production and guarantee supply, open a new bureau on the end of the energy rice bowl, adhere to domestic, build strong reserves, diversified imports, and cooperate with the sea, vigorously improve energy security capabilities, take enhancing domestic energy independent security capabilities as a strategic basis, adhere to the bottom line thinking, and do real energy security countermeasures.

It is necessary to speed up transformation and upgrading, open a new bureau in strengthening the growth momentum of development, strive to walk in the forefront of the new industrialization, and vigorously promote high-end development, digital transformation, and green transformation.

It is necessary to promote scientific and technological research, open a new bureau in supporting and leading development, increase science and technology and ensure the future, actively integrate into the new national system, promote the deep integration of innovation chain and industrial chain, and create an excellent innovation ecology.

It is necessary to make good use of a key move to open a new bureau in enhancing vitality and efficiency, grasp the reform deepening and upgrading actions, improve corporate governance capabilities, improve the market-oriented operation mechanism, deepen the reform of the international system and mechanism, and strengthen the evaluation and supervision of the reform.

It is necessary to strengthen lean management, open a new bureau in improving benefits and preventing risks, consolidate the foundation of enterprise development, and continue to improve the level of HSE management, attack and create efficiency, financial management, and risk prevention and control.

Zhao Dong stressed that it is of great significance and responsibility to do a good job in production and operation this year.

We should anchor our goals and implement them, shoulder our responsibilities, take more concrete measures to ensure safety and environmental protection, and continue to consolidate stability. Grasp the system optimization with higher standards, and continuously improve the level of operation; More efforts to seize the market, continue to expand the space for innovation; Focus on transformation and development with a wider vision, and continuously optimize the industrial layout; With a stronger determination to reform management, continue to release the effectiveness of governance.

It is necessary to highlight the political guidance, highlight the core casting soul, highlight the role play, highlight the practical orientation, bravely create a high level of business performance with a high attitude of forging ahead, accelerate high-quality development, build a world-class, and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of New China with outstanding results.

03. Cnooc

Wang Dongjin, chairman of CNOOC, stressed that 2024 is the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and a key year for the realization of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and it is crucial to do all the work throughout the year.

Wang Dongjin proposed to do a good job of "six overall planning" and achieve "six improvements" :

We will make all-out efforts to coordinate the growth and qualitative improvement of the main oil and gas industry, and achieve new improvements in the construction of oil and gas security capabilities.

We will make all-out efforts to coordinate the upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation of strategic emerging industries, and achieve new improvements in the construction of industrial control capabilities.

We will make full efforts to coordinate the efficiency of scientific research input and output, and achieve new improvements in the building of scientific and technological innovation capacity.

Make every effort to coordinate enterprise development and deepen reform, and achieve new improvements in modern governance capacity building;

We will make all-out efforts to reduce domestic costs and expand the market externally, and achieve new improvements in value creation capacity.

We will make every effort to balance development and security, and make new progress in building our capacity for risk prevention and control.

Wang Dongjin stressed that it is necessary to persevere in comprehensively strengthening party building and better play the leading role of high-quality party building.

Adhere to the standard and table, and solidly promote the deepening and expanding of theme education and the rectification of central inspection problems;

Adhere to the Party's management of cadres, and strive to build high-quality professional cadres;

Adhere to mutual promotion and integration, and make every effort to promote the deepening of the Party building integration project to expand in depth and breadth;

Adhere to the strong root casting soul, accelerate the construction of a strong cohesive and leading cultural brand system;

Adhere to the comprehensive strict, continue to deepen the improvement of Party conduct, clean government and anti-corruption struggle.