Qinghai Oilfield: Oil and Gas Production Increased in the First Month of the New Year

Qinghai Oilfield: Oil and Gas Production Increased in the First Month of the New Year


Qinghai Oilfield: Oil and Gas Production Increased in the First Month of the New Year

The average daily output of crude oil exceeded the plan by more than 100 tons, and the average daily output of natural gas exceeded the plan by nearly 100,000 cubic meters... In the first month of 2024, in the Qaidam Basin, where the temperature continued to fall, the oil and gas production of Qinghai Oilfield in the first month increased gradually, and it ran a new posture of high-quality development in the snowy plateau.

In line with the goal of increasing storage and production, more grain and better grain, Qinghai Oilfield adheres to the strategic measures of "strengthening exploration", anchoring the target of identifying high-quality scale buildable production areas, compacting risk exploration, releasing pre-exploration, concentrated exploration and rolling exploration deployment, and improving SEC reserves.

Qinghai Oilfield has made greater efforts to do a good job in the daily maintenance and management of oil and water Wells, and timely treatment of problem Wells to restore production. The oilfield development department provides management, technology and services to each oil producing unit, optimizing the work plan of oil and water well measures to ensure stable crude oil production.

In the critical period of winter supply guarantee, Qinghai Oilfield has made every effort to grasp the daily management of gas Wells, pipe networks and compressors, increase maintenance work, fully release gas field production capacity, and do a good job of winter supply guarantee. In response to the safety production risks brought about by extreme weather, the third gas production plant in Qinghai Oilfield has refined the "eight prevention" measures in winter, opened up the prone points of equipment and facilities for freezing, frequent failure points, and management loopholes. Natural gas production is "soaring", and the average daily production exceeds 30,000 cubic meters.

The Golmud Refinery of Qinghai Oilfield has positioned itself as a boutique refinery on the quasi-snow Plateau, based on the refined oil market in the two provinces of Qinghai-Tibet to ensure the demand, optimized the production and operation organization in winter, highlighted the "stable and excellent" operation, increased production and efficient products, and the daily processing volume of crude oil exceeds 12 tons. Since the beginning of the year, Qinghai Ge Chain has directly supplied more than 500 tons of aviation coal to Golmud Airport, achieving the localized supply of aviation coal products for the first time.

The Spring Festival is approaching, and some contractor teams begin to take the whole winter break, and the number of operating units is reduced from the usual. Qinghai Oilfield has optimized the organization of production and operation, and made preparations for vehicles, materials, materials, production guarantees and emergency teams required for production and life in advance. Considering the abnormal weather such as wind, dust, cooling, snow in winter and the upgrade control requirements of special sensitive periods, more than two-thirds of the leading cadres of Qinghai oilfield are staying at the scene to ensure production safety and ensure that festival production is "not closed".