In Qinhuangdao 326 Oil Field, Witness CNOOC and Huawei Cloud to Explore the Road of Offshore Intelligent Oil Field

In Qinhuangdao 326 Oil Field, Witness CNOOC and Huawei Cloud to Explore the Road of Offshore Intelligent Oil Field


In Qinhuangdao 326 Oil Field, Witness CNOOC and Huawei Cloud to Explore the Road of Offshore Intelligent Oil Field

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution are booming, accelerating the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. As a traditional industrial industry, under the background trend of energy revolution and energy transformation, oil and gas industry needs to use digital technology to reconstruct business model, management model and business model, enhance core competitiveness, and accelerate digital and intelligent transformation.

As China's largest offshore oil and gas production operator, China National Offshore Oil Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as "CNOOC") started the construction of digital oil fields as early as 2008, and released the "Top-level Design Outline of Smart Oil Fields" in 2020.

Under the guidance of the strategy, CNOOC and Huawei Cloud actively promote the deep integration of digital technology with the core business of exploration and development, promote the transformation of production methods and the optimization of management processes, and create intelligent oil and gas field construction characterized by unmanned operation site, visualization of reservoir research, coordination of production and operation, and scientific strategic decision-making.

Increase production efficiency by 30%

Huawei Cloud builds a solid cloud base for offshore oil fields

In 2020, under the guidance of the Top-level Design Outline for Smart Oil Fields, CNOOC started the construction of offshore smart oil fields and took the lead in piloting the Qinhuangdao 326 oil field.

Ren Hongwei, infrastructure engineer of the intelligent oilfield construction project team of CNOOC Tianjin Branch, said, "When I first came here, the entire information technology was still relatively backward, and everyone called the chimney forest, that is, all kinds of systems were put into use in the form of small applications on the platform or in various majors of the company, and there were many systems. Data (standards) are also not uniform, and operation and maintenance use will have many drawbacks."

How to crack the chimney construction problem and support the upstream digital construction? Cnooc's answer is to rely on Huawei Cloud Stack to build a central control system, connect different systems through a unified platform, realize the visualization and intelligence of IT resources, and support the digital construction of offshore oil fields.

Simply put, it is through tens of thousands of various intelligent sensors throughout the platform, a steady stream of data collection of different systems, equipment and environment parameters, and then collected into the central control system. At this time, the central control system is like the "brain" of the entire platform to analyze and process various types of data, and at the same time, these data parameters will be transmitted to the land control center of Qinhuangdao 326 oilfield in Tanggu, Tianjin, 200 kilometers away, to guide production decisions through analysis. The central control system + land control center is like the "brain" linking the "center", so that the function of the entire intelligent oil field is constantly improved and upgraded.

Today, oil field workers like Ren Hongwei, most of the time only need to use the intelligent oil field management system on the central control system, can timely and reasonable monitoring and planning of oil field production operations.

"On the cloud platform, we have deployed more than 40 intelligent algorithms for reservoir research, as well as a failure analysis model for the well, which can prevent the problem and minimize the loss of production." "Our production efficiency has increased by 30 percent since the construction of the smart oilfield went online for trial operation." Ren Hongwei said.

R&d hours saved by 30%, Huawei Cloud CodeArts

Let the platform open "smart application flower"

If the cloud platform created by Huawei Cloud is "black land", then various applications on the platform are "flowers of wisdom". Platform is infrastructure empowerment, and application is the most important thing to achieve intelligence.

In the development process of the previous code, due to the lack of unified management tools, norms and standards, the efficiency of function and product iteration was reduced, and more than 3,000 software developers of CNOOC were affected. Cnooc took the initiative to change, set up a special software tool chain research project, actively explored and developed intelligent applications, and looked for more efficient research and development programs.

After multiple investigations and practices, CNOOC finally introduced CodeArts, a software development production line provided by Huawei Cloud Stack. Based on CodeArts, CNOOC has developed major business systems such as intelligent acquisition (such as procurement execution, warehousing and logistics management, supplier management), intelligent oilfield phase II (such as cross-work reminder, regional hidden danger notification, real-time operation monitoring, AI violation behavior identification, intelligent injection and production deployment), application development cloud platform, etc. The integrated digital platform of CNOOC supply chain has been built.

At present, Huawei Cloud CodeArts has covered more than 500 developers of CNOOC, saving 30% of research and development hours, and shortening the integration, commissioning and deployment time of intelligent oilfield management system from 1 week to 1 day.

From intelligent oilfield development system to intelligent research and development of management system, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are profoundly changing the production mode of CNOOC. "In terms of digital intelligence itself, the change it brings to our oilfield industry, a field change, is to change our technology model, change our thinking mode, will change our current operation management, all kinds of this traditional way." Cnooc Tianjin branch smart oilfield construction project manager Lin Yang said.

It can be seen that the construction of Qinhuangdao 326 smart oil field has become a model of digital transformation of offshore oil fields. In the future, CNOOC will deepen cooperation with Huawei Cloud, turn each drilling and production platform into a real "smart island", jointly "treasure hunting" in the deep sea, and contribute value to China's energy security and economic and social development.