Changqing Oilfield Accurately Draws a New Development Picture

Changqing Oilfield Accurately Draws a New Development Picture


Changqing Oilfield Accurately Draws a New Development Picture

In early February, good news came from Changqing Oilfield: the oil and gas production equivalent of Changqing Oilfield in the first month of 2024 increased by 0.64% compared with the same period last year, achieving a good start.

After the end of the 2024 work meeting of the Group company, the Party Committee of Changqing Oilfield Company focused on the needs of the country, earnestly implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Party group and the Board of Directors, anchored the world-class, insisted on stability and progress, accelerated transformation and development, and clarified the new development picture of "big strong and long". According to the plan, Changqing Oilfield will take the lead in achieving high-quality development and initially build a world-class large oil and gas field by 2025.

The new development picture of "big, strong, beautiful and long" is a vivid and value-oriented description of the development goals made by the Party Committee of the company to further understand the situation, seize the opportunity, identify the positioning and calibrate the coordinates. Large, focused on reflecting the core functions, the specific performance is "leading scale, structure optimization, outstanding contribution"; Strong, focused on reflecting the core competitiveness, the specific performance is "innovation-driven, value-leading, efficiency development"; Strong, concentrated reflects the corporate governance system and governance capacity, the specific performance is "solid foundation, complete system, modern governance"; The United States reflects the brand value, the specific performance is "green mountains and green water, clean air, harmony and stability"; Long, focused on reflecting the unique advantages of modern new state-owned enterprises, the specific performance is "widely respected, sustainable development, long-term development."

Combined with the overall deployment of the Group's 2024 work conference, Changqing Oilfield conveyed the spirit of the learning conference at the first time, based on the actual situation of the oilfield, coordinated the relationship between "stability and progress, quality and quantity, breaking and standing, knowledge and action", adhered to the leadership of the Party and strengthened the Party building as a main line throughout the reform and development of the oilfield, and comprehensively and systematically improved the quality of party building. From the high-quality development of the main business, a high level of overall production and operation, a high starting point to deepen reform and innovation, a high standard of risk prevention and control, and a high position to promote co-construction and sharing of five aspects of precision, carefully planned various work, to seek truth and pragmatic struggle to draw a considerable and noticeable new development picture, strive to be the group's high-quality development of the vanguard.

Changqing Oilfield develops its main business with high quality, establishes the concept of "energy equivalent", and collaboratively promotes exploration "siege", development "aid" and new energy "strategic support" to continuously improve energy efficient supply capacity; We should coordinate production and operation at a high level, establish the concept that "investment is to borrow money, cost is to save money and earn money", strengthen the value guidance of "two benefits and five rates", promote the flow of all resources to value creation, and constantly improve the scientific, standardized and efficient level of production and operation. Deepen reform and innovation from a high starting point, implement reform and deepening and upgrading actions, coordinate scientific and technological revolution and management reform, and build a dynamic, efficient and more open modern oil company; High standards for risk prevention and control, always maintain a sense of responsibility and strict supervision, always high pressure, improve the norms and standards for risk control, and establish a long-term mechanism for management improvement; High position to promote co-construction and sharing, adhere to the people-centered, let the people share the results of development, and effectively achieve the revitalization of the old area "the same frequency", "in tune" with social progress, and "resonate" with the aspirations of employees.