Xinjiang Oil Fields Keep Oil and Gas Production at High Levels

Xinjiang Oil Fields Keep Oil and Gas Production at High Levels


Xinjiang Oil Fields Keep Oil and Gas Production at High Levels

Since the Spring Festival, Xinjiang oil fields have strengthened the winter production and operation mode, increased the operation guarantee during the festival, made preventive responses to the cold wave in advance, rationally organized production and operation, and ensured the safe and stable operation of all work.

In order to ensure the professional control of production operation, problem handling, emergency guarantee, etc., before the Spring Festival, the company's various departments and units deployed production, safety, stability maintenance, public opinion, integrity and emergency guarantee in detail, established a risk early warning mechanism, conducted research and judgment every day, timely early warning and dynamic prevention and control. Strengthen the leadership on duty, for production units far from the central area, arrange second-level leaders to stay on duty, rationally optimize the structure of duty personnel at all levels, and scientifically deploy duty cadres and employees. At the same time, in order to fully build a safe production barrier and maintain the normal production and life order of the oilfield, the company also organized 62 emergency support teams to strengthen the emergency support force.

During the festival, Xinjiang Oilfield Company has more than 450 shift cadres and more than 6,000 on-duty employees every day, implementing dynamic monitoring of safety risks in various fields, key exploration well risk control in place, the overall oil and gas production is running at a high level, and natural gas supply is stable and powerful. Hutubi gas storage works well in advance of equipment insulation and emergency plans, and improves the capacity of peak regulation and supply protection of gas storage through measures such as fine management of one well and one policy, and accumulatively produces 100 million cubic meters of gas.

Under the joint efforts of all cadres and employees, during the Spring Festival, the company opened nearly 24,000 Wells per day, the daily output of crude oil exceeded 40,000 tons, the daily output of natural gas exceeded 13 million cubic meters, the daily carbon injection of CCUS exceeded 1,300 tons, and the cumulative carbon injection was 12,000 tons, exceeding the same period last year and the planned targets, laying the foundation for achieving a good start in the first quarter.

A strong cold wave of wind, rain and snow has hit Xinjiang since the afternoon of Feb 16. In the face of the severe test, all departments and units of Xinjiang oilfield seized the early and rapid action, scientific response and careful arrangements, and in-depth investigation and rectification of risks and hidden dangers while strengthening operation and management; We will step up emergency drills, material preparations, and personnel dispatch, refine measures to respond to the cold wave weather, implement the requirements of relevant meetings with concrete actions, and spare no effort to prevent and respond to extreme weather. At present, the company's work is smooth and orderly.