Tarim Oilfield Set a New Record for the Fastest Drilling at 8500m Depth in China

Tarim Oilfield Set a New Record for the Fastest Drilling at 8500m Depth in China


Tarim Oilfield Set a New Record for the Fastest Drilling at 8500m Depth in China

At 16:30 on March 9, the well Manshen 807 in Tarim Oilfield was successfully drilled in only 99.85 days, setting a new record for the fastest drilling in 8,500-meter vertical well section in China. Compared with the design period, the drilling speed was increased by 29.6%, effectively helping the ultra-deep enriched oil and gas to quickly "cash out".

Manshen 807 well, with a design depth of 8870 meters, is located in Shaya County, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang. It is an appraisal well deployed in Fuman Oilfield, the largest ultra-deep oilfield of Tarim Oilfield in China. The drilling time of well 807 in depth of 8500 meters to deep target layer has been shortened to less than 100 days, marking a stage breakthrough in drilling speed, quality and efficiency in Tarim Oilfield.

"During this well's second run, we explored innovative technical measures and used a new high-torque screw + torsional punch +PDC bit drill assembly to complete the plug and second run in 13.98 days, which was 11% shorter than the block average." Zou Bo, deputy director and safety supervisor (drilling) of Tazhong Project Management Department of Tarim Oilfield Production capacity Construction Division, said that the well drilled to 8,000 meters in only 59.92 days, successfully shortening the drilling cycle of 8,000 meters straight Wells in China to less than 60 days.

In order to improve the contribution rate of oil and gas to newly drilled ultra-deep Wells, the production capacity construction Division of Tarim Oilfield has carried out targeted scientific and technological research, continuously promoted the integration of geological engineering, the integration of Party A and Party B, and the integration of production and management, and comprehensively focused on the "three improvements" of improving personnel quality, improving technical level and improving management ability. It provides experience for our country to increase the speed of ultra-deep well drilling.

Since the beginning of this year, Fuman Oilfield drilling speed set 11 new records, full depth 805 Wells, full depth 807 Wells, full depth 809 Wells comparison design cycle are more than 40 days in advance, drilling speed of more than 25%, providing a strong engineering and technical support for the efficient construction of 1 billion tons of large oil area.