Oil and Gas Production in Xinjiang Oil Fields Exceeded the Plan

Oil and Gas Production in Xinjiang Oil Fields Exceeded the Plan


Oil and Gas Production in Xinjiang Oil Fields Exceeded the Plan

On March 13, the reporter learned that the Xinjiang oil field efficiently organized production, the oil and gas production exceeded the plan in the first two months of this year, the crude oil production reached a record high, and the production and operation achieved a good start, laying a solid foundation for the first quarter production.

After the completion of the Group's 2024 work conference, the Party Committee of Xinjiang Oilfield Company comprehensively and deeply implemented the spirit of the conference, deeply grasped the overall requirements of "bearing in mind major entrusts, being a good benchmark flag, focusing on solving prominent contradictions, and striving for high-quality development", and systematically deployed future development plans and production tasks. Xinjiang Oilfield firmly grasps the theme of high-quality development, accelerates the transformation of development mode and the pace of reform and innovation, and makes every effort to accelerate the construction process of a modern comprehensive energy company.

Anchoring the goal of building a modern comprehensive energy company, Xinjiang Oilfield has formulated a "three-step" strategy, and plans to build a 20 million tons comprehensive energy company by 2025, a 30 million tons modern comprehensive energy company by 2030, and a 40 million tons modern comprehensive energy company by 2035. In order to achieve the goal, Xinjiang Oilfield proposed to vigorously implement the "five major" strategies of resource control, green development, innovation-driven, value-led, harmony and stability in the coming period, and strengthen the "four" guidance of strategy execution, engineering support, large grassroots, and risk prevention and control. Promote the core tasks of increasing oil and gas storage and production, green and low-carbon transformation, modern governance system, coordinated industrial development, and enterprise and local integration to build the "five", grasp the major development projects and key people's livelihood, and make every effort to enhance core functions and improve core competitiveness, so as to contribute to the Group's construction of a world-class enterprise with a long-term foundation.

In 2024, in the face of the problems faced in the development, Xinjiang Oilfield Company proposed that to achieve high-quality development, we must coordinate high-quality development and high-level security, earnestly fulfill the "three" missions of strengthening energy supply assurance, accelerating green transformation, and creating a strong style image, adhere to the work tone of "liberating the mind, improving the work, and creating a new bureau", and make it clear that "scientific overall planning, practical work is the key. Ensure the realization of the quarterly work theme of "good start", promote "annual red" with "quarterly red", and make every effort to write a new chapter in development.

According to the overall deployment and work objectives of the annual production and operation work, Xinjiang Oilfield focused on strengthening the development capacity of the main business of "oil and gas new", promoting the effective implementation of the "dual project", highlighting reform and innovation, improving quality and efficiency, and risk prevention and control, adhering to and strengthening the overall leadership of the Party and Party building, and focusing on 22 tasks in 6 aspects. Since the beginning of this year, Xinjiang oil fields have strengthened winter production and operation, made good preparations for the cold wave in advance, rationally organized production and operation, maintained high oil and gas production, ensured stable and strong supply of natural gas, and all production and operation indicators have exceeded the same period last year and the planned level.