Dagang Oilfield is the Largest Shallow Geothermal Cluster in Petrochina

Dagang Oilfield is the Largest Shallow Geothermal Cluster in Petrochina


Dagang Oilfield is the Largest Shallow Geothermal Cluster in Petrochina

On March 13, the reporter learned from the new energy Department of Dagang Oilfield that up to now, the total area of shallow geothermal energy heating (cooling) in Dagang oilfield has reached 690,000 square meters, and the largest shallow geothermal group of China Petroleum has been built first in the oil area.

Shallow geothermal energy is rich and zero-carbon energy, hidden below the surface, 200 meters shallow, its temperature is maintained at about 20 degrees Celsius for a long time, with large reserves, renewable, green and clean characteristics. As early as 2021, relying on rich shallow geothermal resources, Dagang Oilfield took the lead in the implementation of the shallow geothermal energy heating (cooling) project in the Dagang Oilfield Exploration and Development Research Institute, which realized clean heat exchange, integrated heating and cooling, and intelligent control, and opened up a new path of integrated heating (cooling) supply for office areas. Compared with traditional central air conditioning, the ground source heat pump technology can save more than 30% energy.

In recent years, Dagang Oilfield has accelerated the pace of geothermal energy construction in accordance with the overall deployment of petrochina's three steps of "clean replacement, strategic replacement and green transformation", and focused on building shallow geothermal energy project clusters to provide shallow geothermal energy heating (cooling) services for oil area units. In the heating season of last winter and spring, Dagang Oilfield officially put shallow geothermal energy heating (cooling) projects into use in four places, including the area of the Third drilling Company of Bohai Drilling Company and the area of the Fire detachment (Security Department and Armed Department) of Dagang Oilfield. So far, the number of shallow geothermal heating (cooling) projects completed and put into operation in Dagang Oilfield has increased to six.

In 2024, Dagang Oilfield will give full play to its first-mover advantages and brand advantages, continue to carry out multi-energy coupling technology research such as "shallow geothermal + air source + energy storage", deeply tap the technical potential of river (lake) water resource development and utilization, highlight scale construction, benefit development, intelligent management and control, constantly improve the technical standard system, and continue to explore the geothermal market. Strive to be the pioneer of shallow geothermal energy development of petrochina.