The First Offshore Oil Reservoir in China Has Completed the Current Round of Gas Production

The First Offshore Oil Reservoir in China Has Completed the Current Round of Gas Production


The First Offshore Oil Reservoir in China Has Completed the Current Round of Gas Production

March 15, Jidong Oilfield Nanpu No. 1 gas storage ended the current round of gas production period. This is the second time that the gas storage has participated in winter supply protection and peak regulation, which has played a positive role in ensuring the warm winter of the people in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Nanpu No. 1 gas storage, located on Nanpu No. 2 artificial island of Jidong Oilfield, is the first offshore oil reservoir reconstruction gas storage in China. The pilot test will be carried out in 2021, the overall construction will start in 2022, and it is currently in the formal construction stage.

In order to ensure the safety and stable gas production of Nanpu No. 1 gas storage during the current round of gas production, Jidong Oilfield has made overall planning and careful deployment, established a gas production operation working group, and implemented gas production operation in a coordinated manner according to the gas production plan; Continue to track the conversion of the injection and production process of Nanpu No. 1 gas storage, and urge the maintenance and commissioning of the gas tree valve of Nanpu No. 1 gas storage to be completed in advance; Supervise the daily maintenance, coordinate the repair and maintenance of surface equipment, wellhead equipment and well control related equipment, ensure that all kinds of equipment in the injection and production system are in the best condition, and avoid the failure of gas production plan. At the same time, according to the production situation of a single well, the wellhead heating measures are formulated to effectively prevent the formation of hydrate and ensure safe and efficient production.

During the gas production period, Jidong Oilfield strengthened the analysis and judgment of gas production, highlighted the analysis of geological data, and timely carried out the evaluation of the factors affecting the gas production capacity of underground oil and gas water saturation field, pressure field, gas production speed and the balance relationship between gas injection and production. The dynamic main control factors affecting the gas production capacity were clarified, the gas production capacity equation was modified, and the reasonable gas production volume was further clarified, which provided a strong guarantee for the next reasonable development of gas injection and production operation plan and guided the efficient construction and operation of gas storage.

In order to maintain supply and peak regulation in winter, Jidong Oilfield has developed gas production work system and production dynamic forecast data. Gas production capacity test was carried out in Nanpu 1-29 gas Kuping 1 well for the first time. By changing the working system of gas production well, parameters such as output, pressure and temperature were tested, oil and gas reservoir characteristics were analyzed, production capacity equation and open flow rate were determined, and the science and safety of gas production were further improved. At the same time, pay close attention to the essential safety of natural gas supply, pay close attention to the identification and inspection of safety risks during the gas production period, timely find hidden problems and all sales and rectification; Strengthen the daily safety control of gas production Wells, continuously track the intact condition of sand production monitoring equipment of gas production Wells, monitor and analyze the sand production situation, and adjust the production conditions of gas Wells in time based on the site erosion situation, so as to ensure the safety production of Wells in winter.