North China Oil Field 2 Billion Square Warm Current Poured into Thousands

North China Oil Field 2 Billion Square Warm Current Poured into Thousands


North China Oil Field 2 Billion Square Warm Current Poured into Thousands

On March 15, the gas storage group of North China Oilfield completed the task of gas production last winter and spring, and the cumulative gas production was 2.07 billion cubic meters, an increase of 7% year-on-year, a record high.

 The peak volume reached 23.56 million cubic meters, and the peak gas volume and the number of Wells opened reached a historical record. In particular, on February 2, the skid-mounted gas storage Wen23, the first self-designed, constructed and managed skid-mounted gas storage of depleted oil and gas reservoirs in North China Oilfield, joined the guaranteed supply queue for the first time, meaning that a new storage of 1 billion cubic meters was added to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The gas storage has provided a total of more than 14 million cubic meters of natural gas in this heating season, adding "confidence" to protect the warmth of 10,000 homes.

As the closest gas storage group to the capital, the Huabei Oil field gas storage group effectively plays the "charge" role of gas storage, deeply explores the injection-production potential, finds the balance point among the contradictions of large inventory, sufficient formation energy, imperfect production well pattern and large difference in gas production capacity of a single well, and establishes the evaluation method of multi-cycle high-speed displacement peak-load capacity of injection-production Wells. The fine operation mode of "phased deployment, regional control and differentiated gas production" is adopted to form a "three-rush and four-stable" charging pattern with Su 1, Su 4 and Beijing 58 warehouses as the main charging force and Su 49, Gu Xinzhuang, Yong 22 and Beijing 51 warehouses as the stable supply. The completion rate of dispatching instructions reaches 100% to ensure adequate, good and stable supply under normal scenarios. Withstand, withstand, and endure for a long time under extreme conditions.

Since the first round of gas production in 2010, the gas storage group of Huabei Oilfield has reached 2.31 billion cubic meters of working gas capacity and 26 million cubic meters of daily peak load capacity by accelerating capacity expansion and new storage construction, doubling in five years. Up to now, 11.5 billion cubic meters of gas has been produced, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10 million tons compared with coal of the same combustion value, equivalent to planting more than 16,900 mu of broad-leaved forest, making an important contribution to energy conservation and carbon reduction.