Western Drilling is Busy with Spring Drilling

Western Drilling is Busy with Spring Drilling


Western Drilling is Busy with Spring Drilling

On March 13, the first well of the drilling project was successfully drilled in the production line of the Qaidam Basin. As of now, the service units of the Western Drilling struggle in the basin have all been in place, and the spring drilling start has been fully accelerated.

Fine tillage per meter of work. This company highlights the problem orientation, with the key project of Qinghai oilfield as the center, and the units in the industry chain focus on "single well safety speed and efficiency" lean project management, so that the guarantee model has changed from "pyramid" to "inverted pyramid". During the winter training, all units strengthened the review and summary, listed the "work list", and focused on complex problems in different categories, laying a good foundation for improving the work effectiveness and the production time rate of new Wells, and ensuring the comprehensive "acceleration" of spring drilling pace in Sebei, Yingxiong Ling, Fengxi and other blocks in the Qaidam Basin after the beginning of the year.

Lean every node. "This year, we will strive to form a joint shaft force through professional collaborative operations, and strive to reach a new level in safety and speed." Qinghai drilling engineering technology department responsible Zhang Xiaolei said. He said that the joint force is to rely on the "one line" responsibility investigation system for a single well, and carry out bundled assessment on the basis of clarifying the responsibilities and control points of the service units of the whole industry chain, so as to do a good job in drilling and completion construction and production guarantee. At the same time, relying on the remote technology of drilling in the west, support the analysis of production technical problems, so that technical instructions can be directly delivered to the site, and all links can be effectively connected and efficiently operated, forming the overall joint force of oilfield benefit development.

Refine every technique. The oil layer of the main oilfield in Qinghai oilfield is generally characterized by "long, thin and scattered", which is difficult to drill. By refining the preventive measures of mature blocks and new blocks, analyzing the types of leakage in each block, finding out a fast, efficient and economic treatment process, improving the pre-plugging effect of mature blocks and the success rate of plugging in new blocks, and striving to achieve speed and efficiency improvement. In view of the characteristics of Yingxiong Ling shale oil "large geological reserves, high formation pressure, and large rock stress", the company developed measures such as leakage prevention and plugging of construction Wells, and let the well team "preview" in advance before drilling to avoid risks.