Jidong Oilfield 160 Million Square Blue Gold Warm Tangshan

Jidong Oilfield 160 Million Square Blue Gold Warm Tangshan


Jidong Oilfield 160 Million Square Blue Gold Warm Tangshan

On March 20, with the complete end of the heating season in Tangshan area, Jidong Oilfield successfully completed the work of natural gas supply guarantee in Tangshan area this winter and spring, transporting 160 million cubic meters of high-quality natural gas to Tangshan City and surrounding areas.

In order to ensure the steady progress of natural gas supply protection work last winter and spring, Jidong Oilfield planned ahead, scientifically formulated the "Natural gas winter supply protection Plan", clarified the principles and methods of winter natural gas supply protection, and did a good job of natural gas balance strategy. At the same time, before the winter supply guarantee, in-depth understanding of the user's natural gas demand during the winter supply period, the development of monthly demand scale, and the gas source to implement the natural gas volume.

In order to ensure sufficient gas supply, under the premise of stabilizing the amount of self-produced gas resources, Jidong Oilfield has closely communicated and coordinated with relevant units, actively sought for the support of natural gas sources, completed the application for first-level users of the gas supply department, and the gas supply contract volume has increased by nearly 30%, saving enough "base gas" for high-quality gas supply.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of natural gas supply, Jidong Oilfield established and improved the emergency response mechanism of natural gas supply in winter, and clarified the processing process of equipment failures, natural disasters and other emergencies; Clear division of responsibilities to ensure that all departments can respond and deal with emergencies quickly and effectively. At the same time, arrange a special person to communicate with the secondary user (gas company) every day to determine the specified gas volume the next day, and analyze the balance between the gas source and the user's gas volume on the day; Pay attention to the pressure of the pipe network 24 hours, and adjust the gas volume in time when there is a large change; Pay attention to weather changes in advance, increase the amount of air source in advance in the case of cooling weather, and fully ensure the supply of air source.

During the winter supply period, Jidong Oilfield continuously optimizes the gas supply process by improving the service quality, shortening the waiting time of users, and actively listening to the opinions and suggestions of users. Site visits to key guaranteed supply users to understand changes in natural gas demand, timely report the operation of natural gas winter supply, and lay the foundation for the successful completion of winter supply tasks.