China's Offshore Deep Oil and Gas Exploration Well Test Production Hit a New High

China's Offshore Deep Oil and Gas Exploration Well Test Production Hit a New High


China's Offshore Deep Oil and Gas Exploration Well Test Production Hit a New High

On March 25, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) announced that a high-yield oil and gas well was found in the Bohai Sea in the formation of more than 5,000 meters, and the daily output of oil and gas equivalent was nearly 1,400 cubic meters, creating the highest daily output record of China's offshore deep oil and gas exploration well, which is of great significance for further exploration of deep oil and gas resources in the ocean and ensuring national energy security.

The well is located in the central sea area of Bohai Sea, close to Bozhong Sag, the largest hydrocarbon rich depression in Bohai Sea. It is located in the volcanic rock reservoir structure. The daily output of crude oil is 855 cubic meters and natural gas is over 500,000 cubic meters, equivalent to about 1,400 cubic meters of oil and gas equivalent.

"From the perspective of China's offshore oil and gas exploration practice, the buried depth of more than 4,500 meters is usually referred to as ultra-deep layer. The exploration well we deployed is buried in the seabed of more than 5,000 meters buried hill, the formation temperature of more than 180 degrees Celsius, the pressure of more than 70 mpa, is a rare high-temperature and high-pressure ultra-deep oil and gas well in China, it is not easy to complete drilling and obtain high yield." Cnooc Tianjin branch deputy general manager Zhou Jiaxiong said.

The volcanic buried hills in Bohai Sea are widely distributed and have the characteristics of rapid lithology change and strong reservoir heterogeneity, so it is very difficult to explore and has not been broken through for many years.

Xu Changgui, deputy chief engineer of CNOOC Exploration, said that the successful drilling of the well opened up a new field of offshore ultra-deep oil and gas exploration, effectively confirmed the exploration potential of hidden buried hill in Bohai Sea, and at the same time, the breakthrough of deep oil and gas exploration theory and technology in the extension-strike-slip composite fault zone further strengthened the technical confidence of scientific researchers in deep and ultra-deep drilling. It is of positive significance for speeding up the deep-deep exploration process and constructing the trillion-square atmosphere in the Bohai Sea.