​Lubricating Oil Company: Chasing "wind" and "green" to Help "Big windmill" Comprehensive Localization

​Lubricating Oil Company: Chasing "wind" and "green" to Help "Big windmill" Comprehensive Localization


Lubricating Oil Company: Chasing "wind" and "green" to Help "Big windmill" Comprehensive Localization

On May 14, Kunlun wind power gear oil of lubricating oil company was successfully delivered to Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry general reducer factory. This is the first time that Kunlun wind power gear oil replaces imported brands for the initial installation of wind turbine yaw variable propeller reducer, marking that Kunlun lubrication opens a new situation in the field of new energy, and helps the "big windmill" to be fully localization.

As the "national team" in the field of lubricating oil in China, the lubricant company actively implements the overall three-step deployment of "clean substitution, strategic replacement and green transformation" of the group company, leads the future development of lubricating oil with strategic emerging industries and future industrial layout, focuses on "double carbon and three new", and promotes scientific and technological innovation in the field of new energy and new materials such as wind power, optoelectronics and nuclear power. In the wind energy industry from the start to rapid development, running out of "acceleration", drawing "good scenery".

In order to seize the opportunity for future development and cultivate new kinetic energy, under the overall deployment of the Group company, the lubricant company product design center adheres to the national "chess" development of wind power lubricating oil design and promotion business, and cooperates with the sales branches to gradually change the status quo of imported products used by the wind power industry whole machine factory and owner end with the technical marketing model, and vigorously promotes the localization of lubricants. Support the high-quality development of the domestic wind power industry.

Since the beginning of this year, lubricant companies have taken market demand as research and development orientation, coordinated production, research and sales, and worked fast to improve the output and conversion efficiency of scientific and technological achievements. In the first quarter, we successfully obtained the initial installation business of Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Reducer Factory, a manufacturer of wind turbine yaw variable pitch reducer head. At the same time, in order to fill the gaps in the application of Kunlun lubrication products in wind power gearbox manufacturers, the product design center has developed targeted measures to successfully obtain access qualifications in important gear box manufacturers in China, and Kunlun wind power gear oil will gradually become its test and washing oil.

In the next step, petrochina Oil, Gas and New Energy Branch plans to choose the unit to try Kunlun wind power gear oil and hydraulic oil in the wind power projects in representative environmental areas such as the arid and dusty areas in the northwest and the cold areas in the northeast, and replace the wind power lubricating oil in the propulsion system with domestic production.