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Core Vacuumizing Saturator

Product Introduction

This core vacuumizing saturator is provided with an additional pressurization system to allow the core fully saturated in the saturated liquid, so as to be prepared for measuring other parameters of the core. The working principle is that firstly, evacuate the cavity of the sample storage kettle, the pores of the core and the saturated liquid with a vacuum pump to realize a vacuum status, and then allow the evacuated saturated liquid to enter the sample storage kettle, pressurize and maintain the pressure, so that the core is fully saturated under the action of high pressure. It is characterized by compact structure, high working pressure and simple operation.

The main technical parameters

1) Core chamber

Size: Ø 100 × 120 mm;

Working pressure: ≤ 40 MPa.

2) Piston container

Volume: 500 ml;

Working pressure: ≤ 40 MPa.

3) Vacuum range: - 0.1 ~ 0 MPa;

4) Working voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz.

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