HPHT Consistometer HTD7322

HPHT Consistometer  HTD7322-2051

HPHT Consistometer HTD7322

Product Introduction

HTD7322 HPHT Consistometer based on API10a specification is used to test the thickening performance of cement in different downhole environments. The main purpose of instrument design is to have laboratory efficiency and easy operation.


Two factors in the design of HTD7322 HPHT Consistometer reduce the downtime of the equipment to the greatest extent: cooling time between tests and routine maintenance time. As well as the application of cement additives in the following oil wells: laboratory research and development of cement products.


The redesigned pressure system is easier to maintain, and the oil mist collection module greatly reduces the oil mist emission. The magnetic coupling drive system greatly improves the driving reliability of the pulp cup. The pressure control system is composed of booster pump, pressure sensing system and unique capillary pressure release system, which is easy to operate, stable and durable.


HTD7322 HPHT Consistometer can be used not only for the standard test of cement thickening time, but also for the preparation of cement slurry for other tests, such as the measurement of free water, water loss, viscosity and so on. The instrument can also be connected to external refrigeration device to carry out low temperature test.


The programmable temperature controller and precision booster pump with built-in Haitongda special algorithm can accurately simulate the bottom hole temperature and pressure environment. When the consistency reaches the set value, the alarm buzzes, the automatic shutdown system starts, the motor, heater and timer stop running, and the cooling water starts to cool down.


By selecting HTD5270 data acquisition and control system of Haitongda, the real-time records of test temperature, pressure and consistency can be saved in a separate computer for future analysis and research.

The main technical parameters

Model: HTD7322

Dimension: 57 × 71 × 186 cm

Weight: 259 kg


Input voltage:  (220 ± 11) V; 50 Hz

Input power : 3kw

Heater power:  2.2kw

The maximum working temperature :  204

The maximum working pressure :  150MPa

Pulp cup speed : 150r / min

The consistency ranges:  from 0 to 100BC

Data Acquisition : three color bar recorder, optional HTD5270 data acquisition and control system

Compressed Air :600-1000kpa

Cooling Water Pressure: 200-600kpa

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