Portable Turbidity Meter Model WGZ-3B

Portable Turbidity Meter Model WGZ-3B-3655

Portable Turbidity Meter Model WGZ-3B

Product Introduction


Model WGZ-3B

Used to measure the degree of light scattering generated by insoluble particulate matter suspended in water or transparent liquids, and to quantitatively characterize the content of these suspended particulate matter. It can be widely used for turbidity measurement in power plants, purified water plants, waterworks, domestic sewage treatment plants, beverage factories, environmental protection departments, industrial water, liquor making industry, pharmaceutical industry, epidemic prevention departments, hospitals and other departments.


1. Portable, AC and DC powered, with low voltage indication and automatic shutdown function. The serial RS232 communication interface can be connected to a micro printer.

2. Microcomputer low-power configuration, touch keyboard, with backlit LCD display screen, capable of displaying date, time, measurement values, and measurement units simultaneously.

3. The measurement range can be manually selected or automatically switched. Can be programmed to set calibration standard values arbitrarily, and can quickly and arbitrarily select 1-7 points for automatic calibration.

4. Equipped with average measurement mode and data query mode, with non-linear processing and smoothing functions of measurement data, and equipped with self diagnostic information prompts.

5. Built in clock memory storage system, real-time storage of measurement and calibration data, capable of long-term storage and recall of the last 20 sets of measurement data.

6. Multiple measurement modes, preset with units such as NTU, FTU, EBC, Unit, ppm, mg/L,%, etc.

7. Equipped with a chromaticity compensation system, it effectively avoids interference caused by sample color and can accurately reflect the concept of turbidity.

8. 100000 hours of long lifespan and high intensity light source, which can be used for a long time without maintenance and meets ISO turbidity measurement standards.





WGZ-500B            Old model :WGZ-2AB




Measurement principle

90 Scattered light

Minimum indicationNTU





Measuring range (NTU)

050               0500

010   0100  0500

010  0100  01000

010      0100     01000    04000

Indication error




Zero drift


Power supply

DC 1.5V×5pcs AAA lkaline dry cell 

AC 220V/50Hz/DC7.5V/0.2A  AC Adapter


Microcomputer configuration, with average measurement mode, display of month, month, and day time, with data storage and query functions, automatic range switching, automatic zero adjustment, and 1-5 point automatic calibration, equipped with RS232 data communication interface, and can be connected to external micro printers.

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