Pressurized Curing Chambers HTD7370

Pressurized Curing Chambers HTD7370-3525
Pressurized Curing Chambers HTD7370-3524
Pressurized Curing Chambers HTD7370-3521
Pressurized Curing Chambers HTD7370-3520
Pressurized Curing Chambers HTD7370-3519
Pressurized Curing Chambers HTD7370-3518

Pressurized Curing Chambers HTD7370

Product Introduction

High temperature pressurized curing chambers, morel HTD7370, is a kind of test equipment designed and manufactured for preparing cement test samples according to American Petroleum Institute (API) standard.

The 960M controller can control temperature rise and heat-preservation process by multi point PID. Multi-point pressure limit control, high pressure limit can be adjusted by pressure regulator on the front instrument panel. The pump pressure of this equipment can be adjusted to maintain the pressure automatically. When the pressure is lower than the pressure limit, the pump pressurizes it automatically, when the pressure is higher than the required, it will release the pressure automatically, the control precision can reach ±0.5MPa. There is no need for personnel to be present, and full-automatic operation is realized. This equipment is also designed with an automatic lifting device it more perfect.

Temperature control: External connection 4000w heater and the internal and external thermocouples are all connected to the 960M temperature controller, which can control temperature rise and heat-preservation process by multi point PID.

Pressure system: This equipment pressurization adopts air-driven booster pump, water as pressurizing medium, air switch is used for equipment pressure release, pressure control process is accurately controlled by ZQ501-GW 50MPa pressure transmitter and 960M controller to reach control precision can within ±0.5MPa.

Models and Specifications






High   temperature pressurized curing chambers


Single cell


The main technical parameters

NOItemTechnical   specifications
1Maximum   pressure40MPa
2Maximum Temperature 662°F (350°C)
3Input voltageAC220±11V 50Hz
4Input power5000W
5Ambient temperature040℃
6Ambient humidity095
7Compressed air6001000KPa
8Oil pressure20410KPa
9Net weight/Gross weight186kg/236kg

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