Thermostatic Magnetic Stirrer Model B11-2

Thermostatic Magnetic Stirrer Model B11-2-3635

Thermostatic Magnetic Stirrer Model B11-2

Product Introduction




B11-2 The thermostatic magnetic stirrer is used in the laboratory, which collects.Mixing is controlled at a constant speed using a DC three-phase motor.

Better performance, especially at low speeds, it can start and run at 20 rpm. Laboratory use of constant temperature magnetic stirring. Mixer speed display, speed display signal: When the motor rotates for one revolution, 6 pulses are emitted, and the display receives the speed signal and counts it within 1 second.


1. Power supply: AC220V ± 10%

2. Working mode: continuous

3. Maximum mixing capacity: 5000ml

4. Heating power: 600W (internal stepless temperature regulation)

5. Mixing speed: 0-1500r/min

6. Motor torque: 50mN • M

7. Table size: Φ 140mm (surface coated with black aluminum alloy)

8. Table safety temperature: 350

9. Temperature control range: room temperature~250

10. Overall size: 280×160×100mm (excluding gauge rod)

11. Weight: 2.9kg

12. Attachment: One long and short watch rod, one set of stirrers

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